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Wide Format Printing


How Calulator Work

Digital Printing – When Speed Counts Oahu Print is an Earth-friendly printing company that provides high-quality products at affordable prices. How are we green? Not only do we print in an Earth-friendly way, but we also run our home and our business using the same approach.

Hybrid delivery vehicle(s)
We reuse and recycle all of the consumable supplies for our business machines (and all of our machines use eco-solvent or soy-based inks)
We recycle all paper, plastic, glass, and any oher recyclable materials that moves through our facility
We print only on recycled & FSC Certified papers
All of our computers are run from one centralized system – eliminating many computers and monitors permanently!
Screen savers and other energy-saving methods are utilized to the fullest extent, and we make sure to shut everything down at night & on weekends/holidays.
Paperless online proofing: we send your proofs, invoices, nad other materials electronically, saving trees and time. In fact, Oahu Print has wasted less than 400 sheets of paper in the last four years.


Additional Charges Apply Except for Pickup
Click Here For File Requirements & Templates

Once you submit your job it will not be processed until an
Oahu Print Co. representative calls to confirm the
details & payment info for your order.