Business cards are still the most effective and affordable networking tools that money can buy. A beautifully designed and printed business card speaks volumes about who you are and what you represent.

Business cards usually bears company information and contact information, including company name and logo (hopefully that fit into the style guide and corporate identity of the company), employee name, phone number (office, cell, fax), address, web address, email address. Used as a means to give all the vital company contact information in one fell swoop while simultaneously impressing the receiver of the card (if done right).

Enhance your business card by adding a QR Code!

Printing a QR code on your business card is a great way to link people directly to a company website or your personal site.  A Quick Response Code, or QR Code, is the next generation in barcodes. Unlike its predecessor, QR codes have faster readability and a larger storage capacity which allows the code to contain information to websites, product tracking, location services, and much more. With the ability to scan QR codes from any smartphone, marketing your business has become more dynamic than ever before.