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There are plenty of different ways to customize a piece of apparel, and embroidery leads the pack. Why is embroidery so special, you may ask? There are three main reasons:

Embroidery is diverse, where you may feel limited with other methods of delivery, embroidery can offer you an opportunity to promote your logo consistently on a variety of different material.

Embroidery says “high-quality” to the recipient and those who view the finished product. Receiving a customized, embroidered gift proves again and again to be exceptional and thoughtful. Further, when a logo is embroidered, the brand is also portraying themselves as a high quality company.

Embroidery is durable unlike other methods of decoration; quality embroidery thread is designed to withstand heavy laundering, with colors that won’t fade in wash water, even as hot as 203 degrees F!

Nowadays, embroidery is produced through computerized embroidery machines utilizing digital patterns and embroidery software. In machine embroidery, “fills” allow for the ability to create texture and 3D design to the finished work.

Did we mention: our embroidery services are hands down the best in the Hawaii?

At Oahu Print Company, we use machine embroidery to add logos, monograms and personalization to shirts or jackets, caps, gifts, and team apparel. Our staff can even embroider on screen printed t-shirts and golf shirts! In addition to traditional embroidery, Oahu Print Company staff offer services including puff 3D embroidery as well as creation custom of embroidered logos and patches.