Perfect for special events, parties, and for visual/outdoor sinage.


Binding is to fasten sheets or signatures (groups of sheets) with wire, coil, staple, or some other means.


Bleed in printing typically means the excess (typically 1/4 of an inch margin that allow images and color to extend to the edge of the page once the item is printed and trimmed.


Brochures use a simple layout and plenty of space to provide information. Brochures have multitude of uses in any business arena to inform people in your store or at external locations about your company, products, services, etc.


Thickness of paper in thousandths of an inch or number of pages per inch.

Business Cards

Business cards are among the least expensive print option available. It is often the first impression people have of your business.


Calendars are popular item for gifts or promotional use.


A caliper is a common measurement for paper and its measured by the thousandth of an inch.


Great for product catalogs, small books, reports, and more.

Coated Paper Type

Coatings impact how ink is absorbed. They can be applied to one or both sides of a sheet. Coated papers often used for sharp, complex images. Common coatings include:

  • Cast Coated:  Mirror-like surface
  • Gloss:  Shiny surface for full-color printing
  • Dull/Silk: Non-gloss surface for good readability
  • Matte: Low-glare surface with a textured feel

A finishing term for gathering paper in a precise order.

Color Correction

Correction to a color cast created by the scanner on the scanned image. Color correction is usually done in CMYK.


All furnished material or data used in the production of a printed product.

Cover Paper Type

Cover papers are thick and more durable. They are commonly used for business cards and covers for books and catalogs

Digital Printing

Digital Printers use lasers, static charges and toners to apply images to the paper.


The number of dots that fit horizontally and vertically into a one-inch measure. The more dots per inch, the more detail captured and the sharper an image will appear.


A straightforward advertising option, use them for handouts or mailers

FSC Certified

FSC Certified supports well-managed forests as well as the responsible use of forest resources.


GSM (grams per square meter) is another metric system for paper weight.


The direction in which the paper fibers lie.

Green Seal Certified

Ensures 30% minimum post consumer fiber (recycled offerings)


Adjusting the lateral or horizontal space between letters.

Low Resolution Image

A low-detail image lacking the detail for high quality printing.

Made Carbon Neutral Plus

Reducing carbon emissions plus conserving natural resources and wildlife habitat


Typically used for a targeted audience like existing customers.

Offset Paper Type

Offset paper was designed for offset printing.  It's lack of coating and durable bonding make it great for high volume prints.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a method in which inked images are transferred (offset) from printing plates to a rubber and then ultimately a printing surface like paper. Standard colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) and are used to create a wide spectrum of other colors


The density of a color. Opacity can range from transparent to opaque.

Opaque Paper Type

Opaque paper is bright, lightweight and is often used for direct mail.

Paper Size

There are two measurement systems for paper sizes in the US: The US Standard system with common sizes named ledger, legal, letter and so on. The second is the International Standard system, which marks each size with an "A" and a number such as A2, A3, A4, etc.

PMS Colors

Specialty colors, called Spot Colors or PMS Colors are used in Offset Printing.


Its important for your postcard to be attention-grabbing. Many people print postcards with coatings for the extra protection.


Printability is a term that gauges the quality achievable with a type of paper. A paper's smoothness, brightness, and more are considered when grading its printability.

Processed Chlorine Free

Manufactured without chlorine (100% post consumer offerings)


A sealed package of pre-cut paper, usually containing 500 sheets.

Specialty Paper Type

Specialty papers can be made with 100% cotton, synthetic materials, glitter, confetti, and more.

Text Paper Type

Text papers are light and are used for reports, brochures, and more

Trim Size

The final size of a printed image after the last trim is made.

Turnaround Time

The time it takes to complete your order. Planning your printing well in advance will help you to keep cost down.

Wove Paper

A paper having a uniform unlined surface with a smooth finish.

Writing Paper Type

Writing papers can be used in many ways from being written on by pen or pencil to engraving or thermography. Common finishes for writing papers are smooth, wove, and laid.