Oahu Print Company - Hawaii's Green Business Printing Services

Oahu Print Company is proud of our distinctive set of core values: Green • Local • Simple. You could say we are kind of obsessed with them. We’d love to take a minute of your time to introduce ourselves, and share a bit about how we tick.


Oahu Print Company is committed to bringing you the most environmentally friendly printed products and services.  We use eco-friendly, vegetable-based, non GMO inks in all of our printed materials; we also use only the highest quality FSC Certified paper made from 100% recycled content. We are masters of the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle methods of environmental responsibility. While focusing on reducing waste in our daily operations, we are constantly finding alternatives to re-purpose any excess materials left over from the printing process, and give back to mother earth whenever possible–in the form of composting paper content, reducing CO2 emissions, and planting trees to offset our paper usage. We will continue to always conduct our business in a manner that has the least environmental impact possible.


Oahu Print Company is committed to making use of Hawaii-based businesses/vendors and employs local residents to produce our products right here in the islands. With three locations on-island and an all-local team of employees, we keep our earnings right here at home. We give back by donating our talents and products whenever possible to support local organizations, donating to our local schools and sports organizations, and actively participate in many community groups and endeavors island wide. We understand the local values that make Hawaii the best place to live in the world, and are committed to keeping it this way.


Oahu Print Company works to take the confusing language of design, printing, marketing and web management and we translate it in a way that everyone can understand and comprehend. From initial consultation to the delivery of your final product we have over-thought all of the steps involved and formed an easy to use, end-to-end process to have all of your printed products produced. We will always be behind the scenes learning new methods and trends and fine tuning our understanding of our industry in order to improve our clients’ experience. So you don’t have to be a printing expert to get the results for your project that you desire.