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Heat Transfers

Transfers can contain any image in any combination of colors.

Heat transfer apparel printing is a process where a highly detailed digital images are printed on to a piece of plastic coated paper and then heat-pressed directly onto the fabric of a shirt (or other garment) in order to transfer that image.

Heat transfers consist of an image printed in reverse (i.e. mirrored) and applied to a piece of high release transfer paper. The image is usually printed onto the paper with plastisol inks which have the characteristics of being flexible enough for stretching and durable enough for wear but normal inks will also work just fine. The image is applied to these items using a heat press machine, which uses high temperature and pressure to transfer the ink from the paper to the garment. The process of transferring an image from the paper to the garment takes about 15-20 seconds and does not require a drying or curing process once applied.

Transfers can contain any image in any combination of colors, even thousands of colors for complete Photo-Realism. If you want the printed image to look exactly like your artwork and only need less than 48 items printed we would generally use the heat transfer method.

Heat transfers are ideal for sporting wear were each item has a different name and number on the apparel, promotional items, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, groups and clubs, and any other time you only need a small run of shirts, hats, sweatshirts, sweatpants, or other apparel produced.